About Housico

Housico is a premier provider of comprehensive housico management,
general contracting and development services. We’re focused on seamlessly guiding
clients through the process and building confidence — one project at a time.

Our Approach


We plan with ingenuity. We analyze projects from every angle using a collaborative and efficient planning process.


We build with integrity. We aim to exceed expectations and deliver high quality projects on time and on budget.


We manage with assurance. Our knowledge and familiarity with each project allows us to manage with expertise and confidence.


Housico is the heart of what we do. We take ownership and pride in every project. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

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Acting safely, responsibly and
transparently is the very cornerstone
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How we define success influences every stage of the building process.

Our Company

In our work we have pride, quality is what we provide

Housico is one of the oldest in the US

We measure success by what our buildings allow our clients to achieve. While others may be satisfied with constructing a beautiful building, we dig deeper into the mission.


  • Everyone goes home safely at the end of each day
  • Outstanding delivery of quality facilities
  • Protecting our most valuable resources
  • Be dedicated and true to our employees, clients, and partners
  • Be honest, respectful, and base actions upon values
  • Value creativity and challenges to the norm


When it comes to your house, don’t mess with the rest, trust the best.

Did you know that

We began 30 years ago

With over thirty years of experience, we are masters of our craft, and we know that truly successful projects take something extra. Real success requires an intense, personal attention to the client’s goals from the earliest stages of a project. Beyond specs, budgets, and timelines, it’s about getting to know clients and what drives them to undertake a building project.

We take this collaborative approach because collaboration is generative. It’s dynamic, creative, and gives clients options that are uniquely tailored to their project, vision, and goals.


That’s why at Housico, we are built to achieve… Results.